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Ambarabà ciccì coccò, tre civette sul comò…
(a famous traditional italian counting nursery rhyme)
Memories of our courtyard, summer clothes, the scholastic year is over, counting childhood games with nursery rhymes. Images of the past, different smells, rituals and a happy-fo-lucky feeling.

Ambarabà reminds me of my childhood games, endless races, skinned knees and fruit.

Ambarabà is a name that suits me perfectly because I decided to start producing wine “just for fun”. A game that has immediately taken me into my comfort zone. A game that, day after day, quenches the insatiable curiosity, overwhelming the body and its mind.

Ambarabà is the first puzzle piece with a fragrance of past times and the wisdom of the present.

Food affinities

Mousee with fresh goat cheese.

Bruschette with vegan spread.
Fried vegetarian and vegan food.